Horseshoe Magnets

 The horseshoe alnico magnets are a type of horseshoe-shaped conventional one-piece magnet. The type of magnetization is with two poles of the same plane.

Horseshoe Magnets - Experiments with magnets / Magnets for kids

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IMA 701

Horseshoe Magnets 20 x 18 mm, (LNG40) Axial.
Reference: BASA01296
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IMA 702

Horseshoe Magnets 24.5 x 24.5 mm, (LNG40) Axial.
Reference: BASA01297
Price €5.69
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IMA 703

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Horseshoe Magnets 29 x 25.5 mm (LNG40) Axial.
Reference: BASA01298
Price €4.51
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