30W EI range AC Vibrating Electromagnets

ELEE-1 30W

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Reference: ELEE01614


-Supply voltage: 230w
-Frequency: 50-60Hz
-Protection type: IP-54
-Maximum ambient temperature: 45ºC
-Copper type: HC-210º
-Dielectric strength:> 4,000v
-Vibrations per minute: 6,000 / 3,000

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AC vibrating electromagnets are a type of electromagnets made of ferric alloys, feeding them at any voltage that is mainly required at 230w.


Pwr (VA) 

A (mm) 

B (mm) 

C (mm) 

D (mm) 

E (mm) 

F (mm) 

K (mm) 

H (mm) 

J (mm) 

L (mm) 

R (mm) 

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ELEE-1 30 60 40 5 30 50 5 20 10 15 20 2 0,96

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