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Magnetic brooms

Magnetic brooms

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Magnetic brooms are designed to pick-up unwanted ferrous metal objects from floors (shavings, nails, abrasive powders)

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Magnetic brooms make it possible to collect metallic dirt on floors (shavings, nails, abrasive dust) in workshops, manufacturing plants or in parking lots.

The IMA Magnetic Broom is incredibly strong and easily manageable. The most important aspect of the magnetic broom is the speed of cleaning, which saves time and increases productivity at work. You just have to pass the broom over any area you want to clean to pick up the pieces of metal. The release mechanism is quick and simple, by pulling the handle towards the top of the broom you will demagnetize the bottom and the metals will come off. By using the IMA magnetic broom, you will avoid the swirl of dust that is caused by sweeping.

Ground clearance (with the underside of the broom parallel to the ground)

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