Magnetic A4 sheet with cheap pre-cut rectangles

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Magnetic A4 sheet 105x74x1.5mm

Reference: CM2C02600

This is our Rectangular Shaped Magnetic Sheet with the largest rectangles we have to date. Inside each A4 magnetized sheet you will have a total of 8 die-cut rectangles measuring 105x74x1,5mm.

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Are you looking for new ideas to surprise the little ones of the house?

If you are looking for something new to get their attention and have fun in a healthy and innovative way, our magnetic adhesive sheets with rectangular dies is what you are looking for.

You can create small personalized magnetic children's boards to use the magnets that you have created or made the smallest ones in the house. Create replicas of famous people, cartoon series or any type of educational object or not that comes to mind.

Being a flexible material they can hook them wherever they want and having a large surface magnetized, they can stick there the different magnetic magnets that will have been mounted thanks to its double side.

On one side they will have the part of the magnet that has enough force to hang letters or drawings and on the other side They have a small protective layer that protects the glue. To use it you will only have to remove that small protective layer and paste it into the drawing, photo, image you want to magnetize.

Being a light and flexible material with the adhesive back, it will remove any type of danger if It is used properly. If you buy magnetic adhesive sheet, you will receive an A4 size with 8 rectangles of 105x74mm. Being a large magnetic surface will have a greater force of attraction.

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74 mm
1.5 mm

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