Polyurethane Pot Magnets

  Polyurethane bases are bases with an injection of polyamide, due to this injection they are used in industrial processes, this injection protects the magnet avoiding corrosion and extending its properties over time. These polyurethane bases can be applied to permanent magnets: Neodymium, Ferrite, Samarium or Alnico. Depending on the characteristic you need, you will have to choose one permanent magnet or another. The most commonly used permanent magnet is: the neodymium magnet, thanks to its high holding force and its high remanence and coercivity.

Polyurethane, when injected into the magnets, brings advantages such as: thermal and acoustic insulation, which is why it is used in various sectors.

Our polyurethane composite bases provide several characteristics such as reducing the possibility of damp formation, as well as extending the durability of the magnet's properties.

Polyurethane Pot Magnets - Neodymium Magnets

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94x34x17mm Polyurethane Block

 Polyurethane Block, 94 mm x 34 mm x 17mm
Reference: ENCV00107
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Polyurethane circular base...

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Circular base Polyurethane Ø 90 mm (Y30BH) Multipolar
Reference: INYF00038
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