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DC electromagnet Neodymium Quality IMAVP40/ND


Degree of protection IP65
Thermal Class B (130)
Rated voltage 24V DC
Normalised Duty cycle: see table
For other voltages, ED or sizes, please consult us.

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                                    Electroiman-IMAVP ND-.jpg


ØA (-0.3) (mm)

C (±0.1) (mm)

D (mm) 

E (mm) 

Weight (kg) 

IMAVP-40/ND 40 M-5 41.7 6 42.7 0.28


 P (W)

 ED (%) 

 E (mm) 

                         Air gap (mm) δL                                          
0 0.2 0.5
IMAVP40/ND  42 15
                                                                      Magnetic forces Fm (N)                                                        
1 51 36 23
3 205 89 38
10 270 89 38

Important: the clamp screw must not exceed the dimension D.

* On request, can be manufactured with internal protection to prevent overheating in the coil due to non-compliance with operating times determined by the driving factors, this overheating can demagnetize the internal magnets or destroy the coil altering the correct operation of the electromagnet.

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