Neodymium Magnetic Rollers - Magnetic Separation

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Neodymiun Magnetic Rollers

Neodymiun Magnetic Rollers

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These types of Neodymium Magnetic Rollers extract ferrous particles from the product passing along the conveyor belt, place them under the roller, where they fall off and are collected in a container.

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These magnetic rollers are maintenance-free and do not require a power supply.


These magnetic head rollers for conveyor belts are produced with ceramic magnets; however, if greater magnetic strength is desired, we can produce them with neodymium magnets.

In order for them to function correctly, it is essential to firstly establish their position and then fix them to a rigid and secure structure. 


If the motion is transmitted by chains, the rollers must be adequately protected by a mechanism fixed to the machine structure. The recommended working temperature is between 0ºC and 40ºC, and a maximum relative humidity of 80%. For working operations where the materials have a high temperature, it is necessary to let them cool down first.

For perfect operation, it is important that the path of the material to be separated is continuous and correctly distributed along the conveyor belt.

* On request, it can be supplied in any other dimension.


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